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Mrs T Wolyn –  – Curriculum Leader for PSHE and Social Science

Curriculum Information

Health and Social Care is one of the KS4 options available to Hanham Woods Academy students within the Social Sciences department.

In contrast to our other subject, Sociology, Health and Social Care is a BTEC (vocational qualification). This means that a high proportion of the grade is based on assignment work (60%) completed in class and independently. The students will then sit one exam in year 11 worth 40%.

Health and Social Care is a subject that is often thought to be synonymous with child care however the content of the course covers a myriad of groups in society that require care from health or social care professionals.

We look at a range of developments we all experience across our life stages as well as the factors and life events that can impact that development. We focus upon the services available to us and why we may need to access them throughout our lives as well as developing an understanding of health indicators, how to measure them and how to recommend changes to improve them.

Throughout our study there are links between Health and Social Care and other option subjects such as Sociology and Physical Education (PE).

Health and Social Care very neatly leads into careers in both health and social care. In addition it supports careers in child care, education, social work, public services, voluntary sector, and the police.

Health and Social Care is an option taken at the end of Year 8 with study commencing in Year 9. Our aim is to allow for a foundation curriculum in Year 9 to enable students to build knowledge, understanding and confidence in the subject. The assignments then commence in Year 10 and 11 with the exam taking place in Term 3 of Year 11.

Year Group Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5 Term 6
9 Introduction to sociology Introduction to sociology Research methods Research methods The Sociology of Youth The sociological approach
10 Human Lifespan Development Human lifespan development (assignment 1a) Life events Life events (assignment 1b) Applying the care values Applying the care values (assignment 2b)
11 Developing a health and wellbeing plan Developing a health and wellbeing plan Developing a health and wellbeing plan (exam unit 3) Health and social care services Health and social care services (assignment 2a) N/A

As of this academic year we have introduced a community outreach day during which the students host residents from local care homes. This gives the students an opportunity to experience applying the care values in real life.

This will continue to run every year in addition to other community outreach projects beginning next year.