Key Contacts

Mrs Dominique Rhodes – – Subject Leader for Design and Technology

Ms Dominique Deiuliis – Teacher
Mrs Helen Marsh – Teacher
Mr Craig Coulstring – Teacher
Ms Emma Holloway – Teacher

Miss Calleigh McNeill – Teacher

Mrs Theresa Mulvaney – Technology Technician 

Design and Technology is a thriving department which offers a wide variety of specialist subjects; Resistant Materials, Graphics, Textiles, Food and Electronics at KS3.  We then offer GCSE Design Technology and Food and Nutrition.

We are a popular subject amongst our pupils at Hanham Woods Academy and it enables pupils to analyse, design, create, model, develop, manufacture, reflect and evaluate.  These are skills that equip our pupils for further education and the technology driven world we live in.


Teaching arrangements
Year 7 and 8 groups receive 2 x 50 minute lessons each week

Year 9, 10 and 11 groups receive 3 x 50 minute lessons each week

KS3 work on a 7 week carousel. Each group will rotate five times to cover all the subjects within DT. At the end of year 8 pupils can opt to take DT at GCSE starting in year 9.

Extra Curricular

– Set design club

– KS4 lunchtime club Mon – Fri

– KS3 lunchtime club Mon – Fri

– KS4 NEA catch up Mon/Tues/Thurs

Useful links


Revision Guide – CGP Design and Technology

The DT Curriculum Statement sets out the vision and intent for the curriculum in Design and Technology (DT).

The DT Curriculum Map sets out an overview of the curriculum in Design and Technology from Years 7 through to Year 11.  Among other things, it sets out what is studied, why it is studied, as well as the keywords needed in each year.  Students and parents are likely to find this useful

At Hanham Woods Academy we encourage students to think like Designers in their Design and Technology lessons.  The Hanham Thinkers DT poster summarises what that means.

Curriculum Information Coming Soon