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Hanham Woods Academy promotes the very best careers and employability guidance that all students can access to prepare themselves for progression through learning and education.

The focus of our programmes and interventions is to offer careers guidance to support career and option choices, raising the aspirations and achievement of individual students and equip them with skills, attitudes, knowledge and understanding as a foundation for managing their lifelong career and learning to benefit their own wellbeing and contribute to the wellbeing of others

Please see the attached list for some of the most popular Post 16 options for further education amongst our students



We are committed to providing all students with information about the full range of learning and training pathways that are available to them. As a Federation, we are required to set out how we provide careers guidance to our students and access for education and training providers to come into our Academy.

View our Careers Guidance and Access for Education and Training Providers information here

Our ambition is to provide effective education and training for all of our students from a wide range of abilities and backgrounds. This takes place in technologically rich environments which prepares them for life and work as responsible adults.

CEIAG designs and delivers a broad, balanced and connected Careers and Employability curriculum that addresses young people’s entitlement and aims to provide students with personal, social and employability skills:

  • Self-development through careers and work-related education (understanding themselves and the influences on them)
  • Personal, Health and Social Education activities
  • Career Exploration (finding out about careers and the world of work)
  • Career Development (developing skills for career wellbeing and employability)
  • Experiences of work including ‘work experience’
  • Voluntary opportunities
  • National Citizenship Service


Various careers related opportunities are provided via a number of different methods such as assemblies, tutor time programme, thematic days, 1:1 careers interviews, career based interest guides and websites, trips to employers and universities, visiting speakers and experiences of work. Our students also benefit from attending careers fairs, having direct support with university/post 16 applications as well as interview support and practice, student finance, CV advice, and we offer specialist support for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), students.

All students are entitled to a CEIAG and WRE programme that meets professional standards of practice and which is person centred, impartial and confidential. It will be integrated in to students’ experience of the whole curriculum and be based on a partnership with students, their parents / carers and other close partners for example, employers, mentors, and universities. The programme will inspire and raise aspirations, challenge stereotyping and promote equality and diversity.

Our Careers Advisers and colleagues have a keen interest in employability, are available to support students on a daily basis either during drop in sessions or also for booked appointments. We also recognise that parents/carers come from many different employment backgrounds and can also contribute to helping our students make informed decisions. Therefore, we welcome offers of support from community and businesses to deliver perhaps an occupational talk or to offer an experience of work.

All of our careers guidance concludes with the ‘September Guarantee’ report, which we must provide to the local authorities which confirms the places found in education and training for 16- and 17-year-olds.

We aim to prepare students for life after school along with providing information on occupations and progression routes to post 16, college, university or work/apprenticeships, as appropriate


Year 10 Work Experience placements took place week commencing 18th March 2019

The value of Work Experience should not be underestimated in increasing awareness of the world of work, raising aspirations and developing social and emotional aspects of learning.

For Year 10 students next year, the next step is for the student to identify a suitable work experience placement and for Health & Safety checks to be carried out. Please refer to our how to find a work placement guideThe Academy will not take responsibility for placements that are organised without the necessary checks being carried out.

Health and Safety Insurance cover is a major concern when we send students out on placements and it is a Government requirement that parents sign permission forms to allow their children to attend.

The attached Work Placement Agreement Form and Health Declaration Form Work experience must be signed by the student, parent/carer and their work experience employer. Once returned, Health & Safety checks and other administration can be finalised before work experience can commence.

We do have a number of centrally organised work experience placements but we do encourage students to find their own placements wherever possible.

Please refer to the attached Year 10 Work Experience Placement Options 2019 for companies who are known to us as able to take work experience students.

When on site, the Academy staff will visit the student in their work placement, where possible, or a telephone call will be made if not possible.

If you require specific contact details for a proposed placement, or if you have any questions or need any further information, please contact Mr Allen Williams, CEIAG and Youth Intervention Worker on Tel; 0117 440 8900 or email